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Sep. 6, 2022
A bit about me...
I live in the Black Swamp Territory...I live in NW Ohio.  The Great Black Swamp was a glacially fed wetland in northwest Ohio, sections of lower Michigan, and extreme northeast Indiana, United States, that existed from the end of the Wisconsin glaciation until the late 19th century. Comprising extensive swamps and marshes, with some higher, drier ground interspersed, it occupied what was formerly the southwestern part of proglacial Lake Maumee, a holocene precursor to Lake Erie. (Per Wikipediia) 
A bit about me. I am the oldest of 8. Born a copper colored redhead and I was a tomboy for years. My given name is Jonnie even though I have 5 brothers. I'm named after John, my grandfather who lost 2 boys and had 5 girls. John died a few weeks before I hatched. In remembrance, I was named Jonnie after him.
I am an avid thrifter, crafter, herb collector and junker.  My journey with herbs started as a youngster with my father and I stepped up the pace about 30 years ago when I was told by Doctors that my liver was one of a serious alcoholic, yet I was a non drinker. I had no insurance & had to heal myself. I'm self taught when it comes to learning and experimenting with my herby wild weedy friends. I found comfort and a closeness to God and nature while learning the many benefits of herbs.
I now use them in many ways, making medicine, tinctures, salves, liniments, oils and more.  I use them in crafts, foods and recipes, spices, salts, and for cosmetic uses. I am constantly amazed. 
I have taught a few classes and my aim is to write a book, but for now most of my time goes to my full time job as a real estate agent. I resell some of my vintage and garage sale finds. Although I forgot to mention that for 25 years I sold at craft and art shows. At my high end I employed 18. 
For now, I'm slowing down a bit, volunteering, selling houses, junking, writing, picking herbs, making medicine and sharing with you...At the end of the day I'm tired and happy.  I thank you for listening, much love, jonnie dee
May. 9, 2022
"da momma", asked "how many showed up today, jonnie dee"? Thirty two, I said to mom. Less than how many would show up for a funeral, but more than who would show up for a Sunday visit.
I sat, smiled and looked around. Is it morbid of me to say that it's better to visit the living and fellowship with one another than after the loved one is departed?
Forgive me for saying, but I just can't help to put this in perspective.
I think that this group of 32 were enriched by her humor, witt, stories and joyful attitude.
On a more serious note, I ask for prayers for "da momma" and especially for tomorrow. I won't share her personal life, because I'm still respectful and scared of her after all these years, but she could use a prayer ot two.
I also thank those who have helped and visited over the last several days.
What a wonderful blessing it was for me to witness this, for in doing so it has touched my heart. #touchsomeoneshearttoday
Be well, my friends and family, be grateful and reminder the gift of random kindness, much love, jonnie dee
Mar. 21, 2022
I'm just thinking about my family today...
I need to slow down a minute and see them in my minds eye, send them a prayer and a hug...
Times flies so fast and busyness engulfs us...
The little ones grow when we just blink our eyes...
Life, devices, TV, jobs, world events and responsibilities can sometimes make us forget and steal our time...
I have but a few pictures here of my lovely family...
There are just about 100 family members just on "da momma's" side of my immediate family...
I miss you all and I wish you well...
My parents started this so many years ago when mom captured my dad's heart at the age of 10...
Look what you started mom, a beautiful family...
We love you Deanna Drake Miller
May. 26, 2021
She called me "doll face."
 Michelle, I thought of you today as I photographed and picked this cherished wild rose. I find her as beautiful, and more so, than the fancy cultivated roses.  Her petals opened and exposed, vulnerable, she shares her goodness with the pollinators. They don't have to struggle, for she openly shares her goodness. 
My friend, this is how I see you. Beautiful, sharing, caring, loving and exposing yourself and your heart to all.
I will miss your quick wit and sass, and especially how you always called me "doll face."  Your generous heart and love of life and love for people will be greatly missed. Sorry for you to leave us so soon. I shall pray for your son. He is young yet, but I can only hope that your imprint of love will carry him through his life. Should he forget, there are plenty of us who loved you who will share stories to keep you alive in his heart. Yes, he will miss you. 
The rose is said to heal the heart and the ache of sadness.Today I am harvesting her goodness. My tea and smoothie had a generous handful of heart shaped petals. May the rose heal my heart and remind me of how your simple beauty, both in your heart and soul was much more than simple; it was amazing.
Till we meet again, my friend, much love, jonnie dee
Sep. 2, 2018

Be Heard
• Making a post with my son painting graffiti on a graffiti wall. It's a bit of a deviation but my typical herbal voice. But it's still a repeating message that I often say.

•We matter and be heard in whatever manner that you use to express. I thought it would be a cool poster.

Be well, jonnie dee #tsht