Mar. 24, 2017

Just Over My Fence

This story is a little deep so please forgive me if it offends you. ~When I was a child and just over my fence~

We grew up on the farm and helping was just a part of our lives. It was a hot July day and Daddy was working the fields. Myself, my brother, my sister, and Momma loved to ride together on Daddy's tractor, the cool mist would flow above us before it landed on the crops. It was so refreshing, making us giggle in appreciation because it cooled us from the sun's hot rays. We loved bouncing around the fields on the tractor. They are good memories. It was a family tradition.

A friend and I recently had a conversation. She didn't mean to offend nor challenge me as she mentions her belief that the weeds in the field that my daddy sprayed to kill just may have more nutritional value than the plants we protected the weeds from. Stating that the chemicals used to protect the plants harm us.

I listened to her talk about how the chemicals are cheating people. "How," I ask.

"They are shortening our lives, giving us cancers and diseases," she answers.

I stop talking for a minute, getting very quiet. "Who would have known," I said.

Softly, I continue to tell her that I have cancer and that my mother and sister died from the same cancer. "How odd for all three of us to get that same cancer."

My friend mentions that she wants the world to understand that it doesn't have to be this way.

We sat in silence.

The above story, Just Over My Fence, is a modified story with truth woven in with facts. I shared my views on the common weeds and their health benefits to a friend recently. She then shared her story about her youth and the tractor rides while her father sprayed pesticide chemicals on the field. Sharing about her family and the cancers.

Tonight, just over my fence, I hear the roar of an airplane. As a youngster, I would have been so excited to watch the magic of the picturesque airplane, fly, twirl, and dip so low to the ground. But I am an adult now, and as I take these pictures, I can taste the chemicals in my mouth. I see the mist as it ventures near my foraged fence line herbs, my wild grapes, and mulberries. I know that everyone does not share my opinion. However, things will change as it touches your lives.

I have another friend who has cancer and one of her doctors mentioned pesticides. No joke. I mean no offense to the hardworking farmers who feed us. I just feel it is time for us to take our health back, grow some of our own food, educate ourselves. Show the hardworking farmer that we are willing to pay more for good food and that good food can be grown without all of the toxic chemicals.

Just my thoughts for today. I wrote this fast, so forgive me if it doesn't have the flow. Be well.

Jonnie Dee