May. 26, 2021

Doll Face

She called me "doll face."
 Michelle, I thought of you today as I photographed and picked this cherished wild rose. I find her as beautiful, and more so, than the fancy cultivated roses.  Her petals opened and exposed, vulnerable, she shares her goodness with the pollinators. They don't have to struggle, for she openly shares her goodness. 
My friend, this is how I see you. Beautiful, sharing, caring, loving and exposing yourself and your heart to all.
I will miss your quick wit and sass, and especially how you always called me "doll face."  Your generous heart and love of life and love for people will be greatly missed. Sorry for you to leave us so soon. I shall pray for your son. He is young yet, but I can only hope that your imprint of love will carry him through his life. Should he forget, there are plenty of us who loved you who will share stories to keep you alive in his heart. Yes, he will miss you. 
The rose is said to heal the heart and the ache of sadness.Today I am harvesting her goodness. My tea and smoothie had a generous handful of heart shaped petals. May the rose heal my heart and remind me of how your simple beauty, both in your heart and soul was much more than simple; it was amazing.
Till we meet again, my friend, much love, jonnie dee