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Dec. 9, 2020
I'm not totally sure but I think it is Hawthorne and if so I have never seen such long spikes...
I've taken 2 pictures which I think the first picture is beautiful in my eyes...
The second picture shows the lack of respect people have for nature and our surroundings...
I've been very busy but I just wanted to share with you the beauty and benefits of nature that so abundantly surrounds us...
Be well, jonnie dee
Nov. 11, 2020

Self care for the cold and flu season. I am making myself a powerful hot tea/elixir, kinda like a hot toddy.

I aim to keep the cold and flu at bay. I'm also making Elderberry syrup. I have a tincture of Bidens or Beggartick, in which I made last fall.
In the left corner of my picture is my vegan honey, or dandelion honey. I made it in the spring which doubles as a honey and sweetener. This potion can be made as simple or as complicated as you wish.

My ingredients are: fresh ginger, elderberry berries, elderberry flower blossoms, Echinacea or purple cone flowers, staghorn sumac (good antioxidant and loaded with vit c), cloves, and dehydrated orange slice (can use fresh & or just the rind) and good water.

Boil the water and steep for 10-20 minutes. Strain and do a quick reheat and will then I ad my dandelion mock honey and a dropper full of the Beggartick tincture (Most of us have had the seeds of Beggartick stick to our clothes when walking in a meadow, it is an amazing herb) and tablespoon of Elderberry concentrate/syrup.

It tastes yummy. Be well, and know that you can help yourself stay healthy with inexpensive or free herbs that have been around for generations and grow in the local fields and meadows. 

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Nov. 7, 2020
Having a garden party, tummy troubles (this may help) or just want to use your fresh mints to flavor your sugar? I usually will grab a handful of each and strip the leaves.
Yum...they smell so good! Rinse them and put them in my blender. I may drop a few drops of water in the mixer. There is no wrong way to do this. Add sugar and blend. I throw it on a cookie sheet and let it air dry or put it in an oven that has been preheated to 250 degrees. Then I turn the oven off.
You can then eat it like rock candy or it can be powdered and put in a jar. Either way is good. It can be used to sweeten your tea or (when powdered) or sprinkle over a fruit salad or yogurt. Yum yum. I'm going to use my end of the season mint and I may offer a free package with anyone purchasing my elderberry syrup. I hope to get to it this weekend.

Make some today, be well, jonnie dee 


Oct. 21, 2020

Rich is the beautiful burgundy colored oil that looks like a gemstone when my morning sunshine shines upon it...
Memories of gathering the amazing buttercup colored St.John's wort flowers that were infused into a good olive oil...
Today I shall double infuse the gift of Autumn's Goldenrod into the oil with just a bit of cayenne pepper...
Together they dance...soon to be a comforting healing salve for sore muscles and joints...
Field medicine makes me smile...
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Sep. 24, 2020

I usually just enjoy photographing this aster, however;
Per Jim McDonald, the dried blossoms were also snuffed for similar purposes, or the vapor inhaled as a steam.

Aster tea was used to treat earache, relieve gas pains, stomach aches, & fevers. The flowers and roots were both commonly used.
I do love the Asters.

Be well, my Aster loving friends, jonnie dee, the #herbalrealestateagent
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