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Apr. 4, 2020

As I enjoy a New England Aster herbal tincture, I remember the sunny Autumn day that I captured this picture.
A tincture of her flowers and leaves may offer many benefits. She also makes a good tasting tea.
The New England Aster may be helpful in the following:
•A friend to the lungs and especially helpful for relieving coughs.
•It's an anti spasmodic herb
•A great expectorant and helpful for congestion in the lungs.
•Some say that she's helpful for seasonal allergies. •I think it's an aromatic herb and be slightly relaxing.
Tonight I am enjoying a cup of mullein tea with a dropper full of the New England Aster tincture and a bit of honey.
Be well, jonnie dee
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Mar. 31, 2020

Granola, coconut milk and last year's wildcrafted Autumn Olive berries start my day with a reminder that spring is around the corner and safe social distancing always is in place...
As...not too many will go in the ditches or fields with me to picture or pick my herby weed friends...😂😁
Be well, much love, jonnie dee
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Mar. 11, 2020

Herbal sugars....just a reminder. Pictured, is the makings of a lilac sugar.
Herb and edible flower sugars are easy to make.
One of my favorites is mint sugar and just recently, elderberry sugar.
Take fresh mint that has been washed and dried and layer it in a jar with alternating mint and sugar. Put on your lid. Occasionally shake it up a bit and leave it for a few days. You can then pull the leaves from the sugar or put it in a food processor and blend it with or without the herb, to a fine powder.
I have also blended it and put it in a preheated oven and then turn it off. Letting the herbal sugar dry, cool and jar it.
The mint is especially popular. I've used it for years. It has helped my children with an upset stomach, nervousness and sometimes with PMS symptoms. 💜
I've enjoyed the lilac sugar too. Mildly fragrant and tasty.
It may be fun to experiment with some of your herbal harvests. This can be done with sage too and used in a couch syrup or in a salt sugar throat gargle. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
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Feb. 21, 2020

Bring the water to a boil (you basically are making a simple syrup) and add the sugar.

Reduce the heat to a simmer and let it reduce by 1/3 to 1/2.
Pull from the stove, add lemon juice and pour over the oregano and or mint and sage.

Let them step for 20-30 minutes.

Strain and bottle. Store in the refrigerator. It can be used for a sore throat or for a cough syrup.

One tablespoon an hour may be helpful during the cold and flu season

The syrup can also be used to sweeten tea or drizzled on yogurt. Some people use the oregano simple syrup for cocktails.

Many grocery stores carry the fresh herbs. You can use dried herbs too, but fresh is best.

Typically 30 days is the best date to keep it but I have used it for up to 60 days. It's easy to make, tastes good while offering health benefits too.

I think it's a beautiful plant. I've dried the oregano and it dries beautifully.

Be well, have fun, try something new, jonnie dee

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Feb. 2, 2020

If the dandelion was a person...💛
~She'd be my very best friend...💛
~I'd admire her...💛
~She heals our earth by... aerating & conditioning distressed soil. Her strong taproots push into dry, cracked, compacted earth, helping to break it up, creating channels for air and water to penetrate, and maintain a loose soil structure that allows earthworms to do their work 💛
~She's so resilient...even after she's been sprayed with poisons and weed killing chemicals, she still returns💛 ~She heals our forgiving she is...even after we try to eradicate her with chemicals, she will diligently work to heal our bodies from the damage caused to us by the same chemicals used to kill her...💛
~From top to bottom, all parts are useable 💛
~She's bright and cheery💛
~She makes a momma's heart happy when the young bring a spring bouquet to her 💛
~She makes a lovely jelly/syrup also used as vegan honey💛
~And so much more...💛
Soon she will brighten my days...she will make me smile! 💛 ~If the dandy Dandelion was a person...she'd be my best friend 💛
Love the Dandelion...God took a bit extra time in her designing 💛
Much love, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday 💛🍃💛
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