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Jan. 23, 2020
A fairly easy project to make. Another way to use your herbs. Especially if you have infused oils with them.
There are many skin lovin' herbs that can be infused into the oils for skin benefits. I like to sprinkle dried Rose's in as well. If you want something fun and sparkly you can use an iridescent food grade power on top of them.

I pick up the tins at the dollar store. It's a great little container for several different shapes.
The general directions for the bars are as follows:
1 part shea butter, 1 part beeswax and one part infused coconut oil. Sometimes I add several drops of vitamin e, which may be a helpful preservative. Melt the 3 parts in a double boiler until melted. Pull from heat and mix in the optional vit e and if you choose, at that time you could put in 10-20 drops of essential oil and pour into your molds.
Theses make a nice gift.


Jan. 21, 2020

No offense to my soap making friends! I love your soaps...however, sometimes I will (cover your ears, soap friends 😉) use the melt and pour soaps with an infused herb/flower oil. I may mix herbs or flower petals in as well.

Here I've added activated charcoal and infused oil.  I've used a snowflake mold. Or for Easter you can use a bunny mold and make black and gray bunny soaps and sugar scrub cubes.

#valentinesday is coming and you could make these for the love of your life or you can #touchsomeoneshearttoday by making for someone who needs to feel love in their life. 💌
Have fun, be your best, love yourself and remember to love.

jonnie dee

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Jan. 20, 2020
This is the Saint John's Wort. The yellow flowering herb is like an explosion of sunshine. I am in awe of her graceful beauty. More amazing is the surprise of maroon color that arises from her when she releases her herbal goodness when I infuse with 80 percent proof vodka. Saint John's Wort is often given to those who are feeling blue or are experiencing a mild depression, mood swings, and she is a friend to our nervous system.
Some have said that she is helpful for pms and inflammations. I have read that the only way to make a tincture is to use fresh herb, otherwise you will not get the beautiful red gem color. I have only made it with fresh, so I don't know this to be true or not true.
It is great to be able to touch and work with my herbs even though the grounds outside offer me only a view of the white winter's snow.

Spring comes soon enough and I have no wish to speed up life, so I shall have to share with you my herbal adventures of my dried herbs, tinctures, oils and more.
Be well, jonnie dee 


Jan. 19, 2020

There are several fun projects with herbs and sugar. Here pictured is hard rock herbal mint sugar and layered herbal citrus cedar sugar. Sugar can be infused with fresh or dried herbs. Layer them in a jar with a ratio of about 1/3 herb and 2/3 sugar. Let it set for up to a week and pull the herb and strain the sugar through a colander.

For today's sugar, it is infused with ceda🌲🌲and or (you can also use pine needles) powdered citrus, which I dehydrated first.
🌿 The hard rock sugar was made with fresh mint and sugar and a touch of water. Blended and put on a cookie sheet to dry. 🌿

My tea today is made with stinging nettle seeds, which have a few additional health benefits different from the nettle leaf. I have sweetened with the infused sugar.

I have dried dandelion seed heads for decoration. 🌼 On occasion I may pull out one of the dried dandelion seed heads and send me out some wishes.

Be well and I hope that you enjoy some of the different ideas on how to use my beloved herbs. I hope that you see magic in the mundane, the simple and the often overlooked wild and weedy herbs, much love, jonnie dee

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Jan. 17, 2020

I love to whimsically send the milkweed blossoms into the wind...
I ask for myself and others wishes to be granted...
And that the seed finds good soil for a new crop of milkweed...
I use milkweed for the edible uses...
I make milkweed blossom syrup and jelly...
I've eaten the young buds too...
I always leave plenty for the monarch butterflies...
I love the seeds beauty...I see the universal light and life within her...
When I gaze into her brilliance...I like to think that God whispers to me that all is good and to reach for the light...
To see the light in myself and in others...
Stories and lessons from my herby weedy friends definitely makes me smile...
I wish for you the best day...

Much love, jonnie dee
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