Jun. 28, 2017

Majestic Mullein

Majestic Mullein, reaching toward the heavens. A well used plant that offers many benefits. Sometime she goes unnoticed. 
She is a friend to the lungs. Often helping for colds and coughs. The flowers used in an oil for earaches. 
The native Americans used to smoke it for lung issues.
I have recently read that it helps take away the craving for nicotine if you are trying to quit smoking. A friend recently pointed out to me that it is helpful for pain in your back and sciatica. 
You can also make an oil out of it for chest congestion, adding a few of your own essential oils as well. 
I Also use it as a tea. Make sure that it is really dry and crunchy because there is a good amount of moisture in the leaves and you do not want mold. 
As I often say, find and Herb, study it, use it, love it, give thanks for it and share it.

It is A good Herb to know and use for Winter sickness complaints and for those on a budget you can make quite a few things out of it for pennies. Be well and touch someone's heart today, jonnie dee