Aug. 12, 2017


HELP! Looking for opinions on two things. I am thinking of offering in house home parties teaching how to use herbs. I am wondering if anyone thinks that this would be of interest. I would come to your home and we would make herbal projects. The list of projects can include learning about herbs for smoothies, edibles, seasonings, medicine, salves, oils, crafts, cleaning, vinegar and more. I am looking for insights and interest levels. My next class is at the library in Liberty Center and I am thinking about 2 subjects. What would be more appealing? Elderberry syrup, tea and gummies or red Sumac, making tea, Middle Eastern spice, and sumac aid. Curious feedback from those of who attend the class and what would be most interesting.

Any thoughts or feedback from anyone would be great. Thanks a bunch! Thanks and be well, Jonnie Dee