Oct. 24, 2017

More Milkwood

Milkweed...sow your seed on the wings of a soft autumn breeze. Till we meet again. Thank you for your gifts this year. I partake of what you so freely offer. 

I have made jelly and syrup from your blossoms and green vegetables from your bright green buds. Your intoxicating blossom scent made me smile. 

Your beauty and your host of visitors gave me much merriment taking pictures. 

Blowing your soft seeds into the winds make my grandchildren laugh with glee. 

Your dried pods make an interesting addition to my potpourri. 
How so often we take you for granted...not I. For I thank God for his creation and for the many wild herbs that I have enjoyed this season. 

Find an herb, study it, use it, love it, give thanks for it and share it. 

Be well and touch someone's heart today jonnie dee