Feb. 19, 2018


Do they know? I am not sure, my little one, let's share with them anyway. We are the Hosta. We make pretty your garden, whilst the fairies dance around us in glee. Our open blooms are most majestic, yet unassuming. Please partake of our blossoms, stems and leaves, for within us, is much nourishment.

Our young shoots can be eaten as you would asparagus, or tickle me please, opps I meant pickle. 😉 
My leaves can be eaten like spinach, used in soups, or used as a wrap. Eaten raw or cooked, but the younger shoots are the best. Some of our hosta sister taste better than others. Our flower buds and blossoms can be eaten too, although somewhat bland. We are a food crop in Japan and China, and have been for centuries. Also called Urui, should you search on your internet. So, we share with you a secret. There is free food, nourishment and medicine, that grows in your backyard, hedges, ditches and fields. We wish you well. be well, jonnie dee, speaking for the mighty Hosta #tsht