Feb. 22, 2018

Ancient Magic Medicine

Ancient magic medicine. Be quiet the flutterring of my heart. For surely, the pounding shall be heard by those around me and lest they think I be ill or crazy. For no, I am not. My joyful heart's poundings match the excitement and glee upon my sighting of the first sun kissed spring dandelion. This old soul sees a health filled delight in walking barefoot on the dew filled grass amongst the dandelion.

The dew is a conductor for the electricity of the earth's magnetic energies. Our Father no fool, has given us a way to heal through the connections of nature. Oh, dear one, who am I to say this? Investigate on the net, "earthing" and it's health benefits. Yet, for now, I so continue to share the goodness of the dandelion.

Dr. Sebi called her the "silent doctor" and that she is an electric herb. Her roots will purify and expel the acid from the blood. Ahh, this brings to mind that a body with cancer or arthritis are bodies that are acidic bodies. 

In class, I often say that the dandelion is most forgiving, for she will remove many toxins and poisons and cleanse the liver. So often, removing some of the same chemicals that are used to eradicate her. That is true love. Her roots and leaves make a strong tonic and she offers the gift of the mineral iron. Here leaves edible for smoothies, soups and salads. The tea bitter, but oh so good for so much. Her blossoms make a oil to be used in a salve for pain and for the skin. Yet, don't forget the child's gleeful gait as they deliver a fresh picked bunch of dandelions to the one who holds their heart dear. 

Oh my, how I can go on forever. So for now, dear ones, I shout out a undying love for the unappreciated delightful simple herb flower, the dandelion. May the dandelions grace your yard with abundance, so you to may partake of the dandelion dance.

Be well, my friends, jonnie dee #tsht