Apr. 20, 2018

Horse Tail

Horsetail ....a forager's friend. I learn more and more about horsetail every year. I'm fascinated with it.

I usually make a tea from the field horsetail or equisetum arvense, using the bright ferny tops. I have never eaten the young sprouts like this, either raw or cooked.

I have read that you can, but not to overeat because it can mess with your thiamine levels. I will continue to learn more each year. Last year I made a mineral rich vinegar from the ferns. 

This herb falls into my, find an herb, study it, learn it, love it, use it, give thanks for it and share it category. In NW Ohio this will be a spring foraging plant for me. I will be usi g it in an upcoming herbal beauty class. 

Be well and touch someone's heart today, jonnie dee#tsht