May. 27, 2018

Yellow Dock

Crazy huh? Not really. I can only imagine that there are many wealthy sick folks who would trade a pot of gold  for abundant health again ~

Yellow or curly dock aka rumex crispus is in my picture at the end if the rainbow. She is the gold we drive by without noticing~

Just for fun I ask...would you trade a bucket of gold for an herb which could possibly help with the following?...
Clean the blood & detoxify so that your body can do it's job of healing💛
High in antioxidants 💛 help digestion 💛
Supplies minerals💛Helps to keep toxins from building up in the liver & gallbladder💛Is a prebiotic💛could be beneficial for fungus, bacterial & parasitic issues💛 and more. Many diseases would not manifest if the above actions were to take place in your body💛

For foraging benefits it offers: 🤗 young leaves are edible & the seeds can be gound to make crackers or a flat bread. The roots are what's mainly used for it's medicinal values💛
This definitely falls into my#findanherbstudyituseitloveitandshareit category. Free medicine for your better health awaits you~

Ps. I never prescribe☆I only share my thoughts ☆know what you are harvesting ☆study it and enjoy her gifts!

💟💟💟💟She has made her presence known to me several times and I will pay attention because herbalists often say that if an herb shows up in your backyard or garden, you made need it💟💖 be well, jonnie dee #tsht Happy Memorial Day. I thank God for my life and ask for blessings for all.