Sep. 23, 2018

The Autumn Olive

The "Autumn Olive" berries are now ripe in NW Ohio. The bright red berries are speckled and from a distance look like gold speckles to me. I'm also drawn to the beautiful green and silver leaves, who have a personality of their own. Let me not forget to mention the early summer ivory blossoms.

The berries have up to 15 times more lycopene than tomatoes. It's also loaded with antioxidants and vit c.

Both, the meat and seed of the berries offer health benefits.
From the berries you can make fruit leather, jams, syrups, and freeze them for later use in smoothies. When ripe should be slightly sweet.

I've read that the blossoms makes a great tea with healthful benefits.

I've recently heard that the leaves give benefits as well.
I have used the beautiful leaves in my Christmas and Autumn potpourri. The silver green shimmer makes a nice addition to the mix.

I've use the smaller branches to weave small wreaths. Decorate them with herbs for a Christmas tree ornament or present topper.

I hope that I have shared new knowledge with you. It's an invasive plant with many benefits. Enjoy! Be well