Mar. 13, 2019

Spring Flowers Uses

Spring flowers and some of the ways you can use them. In a few weeks and in NW Ohio, these beauties will bring me spring flower blessings. 
Here are a few ideas for you. 
Violets: tea, smoothies, salads, jelly, honey, vinegar, syrup, oils, sugar cubes, bath salts and more.
Dandelion: (I need more space) 😆
Same as the violet and also, pain relief, liver health, face creams, dandelion vegan honey, and more. 
Lilacs: baked food decorations, salads, lilac sugar, honey, edible, syrup, jelly, lilac lemonade, oil, 
toner, bath salts, soaks and more. 
Dead nettle: edible, tea, smoothies and she offers some nutritional value as the above flowers offer. 
I hope the happy Spring picture makes you smile. 
I wish happiness and adventure for you today, my friends, jonnie dee #tsht