Sep. 6, 2019

Autumn Joy Sedum

You be not one of the wild herbs that I hold dear. No, your are not....however...your soft mint green color delights my heart.
The lovely pink dusts the top of your opening blossoms. Be still my heart...
Autumn Joy Sedum, you are a wild at heart. Soon you gift me with a burst of brilliance, displaying your transition into a majestic maroon hue.
Yes, a prelude to the color that the transitioning fall leaves offer.

Speaking of you know that the Autumn Joy Sedum is edible?
Used in soups, stews, stir fry, salads or smoothies. The leaves are the part of choice, however you can also eat the stems. Best flavor is when eaten young.
But do your own homework and never eat or use any plant unless you positively have identified it and know how and when to use it.

Nature is amazing! Be well, jonnie dee
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