Oct. 9, 2019

Autumn Olive Harvest

My first Autum Olive harvest. Free and abundant! Yum yum! So many uses. The gold flecked berries/drupes make me smile.
It makes a great fruit leather, jelly or syrup. I put them in smoothies or yogurt. They can be tried and added to teas as well.
Some say they taste better after a frost...😉...but I grab them now before the birds nab all of them.

They are loaded with vitamins and lycopene. A great heart tonic too. I shall dry the leaves for a tea as they have health benefits too.

Be careful of the thorns. Some trees seem to have them and others don't. I've used the young branches to make mini wreaths for Christmas ornaments. Sometimes I will wrap sweet annie or bittersweet around the wreaths for a fall decoration.
I love love the Autumn Olive.

Happy harvesting, my friends! 🌿🌿
Be well, jonnie dee  #tsht #herbalrealestateagent #forager #fieldmedicine