Oct. 14, 2019

Milkweed Blossoms

No food dye here. The richness in color comes from sun kissed Milkweed blossoms.

The taste is delightful and delicious. A taste of it's own with a slightly fragrant bouquet and almost melon like to me.

It's very chilly on this NW Ohio October evening. A hot mug of tea warms me. I put a spoonful of the jelly in my tea...and magical field memories brings delight to my spirit. I can still feel the sunshine upon my face, see the field of busyness and I can almost smell the fragrance of the milkweed blossoms.

The milkweed is a friend to behold. I will have a few of these lovelies to sell next week at the #halfhouseprimities in Whitehouse, Ohio, weather permitting.