Dec. 27, 2019

Thyme Tea

My first waking thought...
Of course it came at the same time as the pooch licked my hand, and gave me his rumbling dog voice meaning that he had to go outside, was that I needed a bit of pokeweed tincture and fresh thyme tea.

I made my way out into the brisk windy and dark Friday morning. As my dogs ran around the yard, I meandered over to my herb garden. Disturbing the crunchy leaf blanket that helps winter over my garden, I felt around for the tiny fresh fragrant herb.

I found a small handful and brought it into the house to make myself a cup of hot tea along with 3 drops of my pokeweed tincture.
A quiet morning for me as I enjoy the glow of Christmas lights on my tree and sip my hot tea.
Be well, my friends, jonnie dee