Jan. 19, 2020

Sugar & Seeds

There are several fun projects with herbs and sugar. Here pictured is hard rock herbal mint sugar and layered herbal citrus cedar sugar. Sugar can be infused with fresh or dried herbs. Layer them in a jar with a ratio of about 1/3 herb and 2/3 sugar. Let it set for up to a week and pull the herb and strain the sugar through a colander.

For today's sugar, it is infused with ceda🌲🌲and or (you can also use pine needles) powdered citrus, which I dehydrated first.
🌿 The hard rock sugar was made with fresh mint and sugar and a touch of water. Blended and put on a cookie sheet to dry. 🌿

My tea today is made with stinging nettle seeds, which have a few additional health benefits different from the nettle leaf. I have sweetened with the infused sugar.

I have dried dandelion seed heads for decoration. 🌼 On occasion I may pull out one of the dried dandelion seed heads and send me out some wishes.

Be well and I hope that you enjoy some of the different ideas on how to use my beloved herbs. I hope that you see magic in the mundane, the simple and the often overlooked wild and weedy herbs, much love, jonnie dee

#touchsomeoneshearttoday 🙏🙏
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