Jan. 20, 2020

St. John's Wort Tincture

This is the Saint John's Wort. The yellow flowering herb is like an explosion of sunshine. I am in awe of her graceful beauty. More amazing is the surprise of maroon color that arises from her when she releases her herbal goodness when I infuse with 80 percent proof vodka. Saint John's Wort is often given to those who are feeling blue or are experiencing a mild depression, mood swings, and she is a friend to our nervous system.
Some have said that she is helpful for pms and inflammations. I have read that the only way to make a tincture is to use fresh herb, otherwise you will not get the beautiful red gem color. I have only made it with fresh, so I don't know this to be true or not true.
It is great to be able to touch and work with my herbs even though the grounds outside offer me only a view of the white winter's snow.

Spring comes soon enough and I have no wish to speed up life, so I shall have to share with you my herbal adventures of my dried herbs, tinctures, oils and more.
Be well, jonnie dee