Feb. 2, 2020

Dandelion Syrup

If the dandelion was a person...💛
~She'd be my very best friend...💛
~I'd admire her...💛
~She heals our earth by... aerating & conditioning distressed soil. Her strong taproots push into dry, cracked, compacted earth, helping to break it up, creating channels for air and water to penetrate, and maintain a loose soil structure that allows earthworms to do their work 💛
~She's so resilient...even after she's been sprayed with poisons and weed killing chemicals, she still returns💛 ~She heals our bodies...so forgiving she is...even after we try to eradicate her with chemicals, she will diligently work to heal our bodies from the damage caused to us by the same chemicals used to kill her...💛
~From top to bottom, all parts are useable 💛
~She's bright and cheery💛
~She makes a momma's heart happy when the young bring a spring bouquet to her 💛
~She makes a lovely jelly/syrup also used as vegan honey💛
~And so much more...💛
Soon she will brighten my days...she will make me smile! 💛 ~If the dandy Dandelion was a person...she'd be my best friend 💛
Love the Dandelion...God took a bit extra time in her designing 💛
Much love, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday 💛🍃💛
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