Apr. 13, 2020

Purple Dead Nettle

Spring foraging....today's picture is of purple dead nettle.

Called dead nettle because it has no sting. It if often confused with henbit, which is the second picture in this post.

They are both good spring foraging plants and have some medicinal value.

The purple dead nettle can be used as a tea, dried or fresh. It can also be made into an herbal medicinal tincture or infused with a good oil and made into a salve. A great time to start your herbal apothecary.
I often put a bit of it in my spring green smoothies. I use the fresh Spring greens for their tonic and detoxing benefits. I am a bit short on time this morning, so I will try to ad to the post later and give a little bit more information on how to use the dead nettle. Happy Monday, stay safe and be well, jonnie dee
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