Apr. 17, 2020

Dandelion & Violet Syrup

How sweet it is, to use spring flowers for health and culinary uses. Although, this would make a great face and body sugar scrub too. Add good oil, or even infused dandelion oil and feel the magic!
Here is herb and flower sugar and sugar cubes. Great for your tea party. I have added orange oil as well to the organic sugar. Although you could use some of your powdered organic dried orange peel. Yum!

• pull the greens off of the dandelions, but I didn't for the violets.

•blend them in a coffee grinder or magic bullet with your sugar. If adding a few drops of an oil that can be ingested, do it now. Mint oil is also a great ingredient.

•press sugar into a mold to dry. let the sugar powder, air dry overnight.
These wild flowers can be used to make a simple herbal syrup, a mock vegan honey, flavored jello, used as decorative shortbread cookie topping, teas, smoothie ingredients and more. 💚
Be adventurous!

You can also use flavored extracts.

Be well and love your herbs! love, jonnie dee "tsht" #flowerpower #sugarscrub #selflove