Apr. 19, 2020

The Beautiful Redbud

She's about to make her appearance...
Don't miss her foraged gifts this year..
I've found a recipe for a lemon redbud cornmeal cake. So beautiful and tasty, or at least I shall find out soon enough.
You can make a redbud lemonade.
I've enjoyed a redbud syrup. Good for yogurt, fruit and cake glazes, tea sweeteners, salad dressing, pancakes and more.
You can add the flower blossoms to smoothies or to salads. You can make a redbud sugar with the flowers as well. Endless possibilities.
She is one of the spring edible flower blossoms. Here I have caught her just before her bountiful glory....🌺
Be well, my Instagram friends, jonnie dee #herbalrealestateagent #tsht