Jun. 23, 2020

Queen Anne's Lace

•The ancestor of cultivated carrots,
•The roots are used for kidney and bladder ailments •The dried seeds are still used by some as a "morning after pill"
•Foraged for food too. The flower heads can be eaten in salads or fried as fritters
•Makes a great jelly & hard rock candy (which I made last week)
•First year roots are harvested for soup & stews
•The seeds have an anise flavor & used as a spice
•She's lovely in a wedding bouquet •Makes a delightful simple syrup for cocktails and sweeteners
She grows abundantly in most parts of our world and is very prolific in NW Ohio.
Be well and I salute the "Queen" and her many benefits, love, jonnie dee #herbalrealestateagent #tsht