Sep. 16, 2020


Did ya know??....that other marigolds besides the calendula marigold are also useful?
Use the petals and not the center or the greens. The petals are used in salads, rice, soups, eggs, quiche and other dishes. Some use it as an inexpensive replacement for the saffron spice.

Used fresh or dried. It's usually not the bigger share of the dish because they can be bitter. Most people like the tagetes marigold as the better of the bunch. Taste for yourself. Although we could use a little bit more of the bitter foods in our diet.

If you do an internet search for the marigold flower essence meaning, the tagetes is the first one that appears. Try making a flower essence from the flowers.

A essential oil from the tagetes is also sold online. They are pretty in a homemade potpourri too.🌼

So...move over calendula marigold, because there is room for all marigolds in the foraging kingdom.

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