Apr. 17, 2021

Grape Hyacinth

The happy little purple flower...the grape Hyacinth.  Did you know...that these beauties are edible?
I usually dry them between a few pages of a book and use them to decorate cards, gifts cards and such. They dry wonderfully.
I decided to check on the "flower essence meaning" and found this meaning... The flower essence of the grape Hyacinth knits a fabric of equality within the soul force, inviting the individual to examine the interior of belonging. When he or she feels excluded or abandoned, be it through crisis or self-defeating behaviors, the grape hyacinth essence latches the soul onto a greater template or worth. (per Power flower essences).
Don't confuse this with the typical large garden Hyacinth, that one is poison. This hyacinth blossom can be pickled, candied, used in simple syrups, jelly, lemonade, cordials and eaten. It might be fun to make a flower essence too.
The grape hyacinth has a sour grape taste and sometimes can have a bitter aftertaste, so when eating raw a little can go a long way.  The genus is Muscari.
So, I say...enjoy the picture of the lovely grape hyacinth and as always, I am sharing personal information in which you should thoroughly check out, should you decide to take advantage of any of her many gifts. 
Be well, jonnie dee