Random Stories

Jun. 14, 2019

Be your own star. You don't have to be perfect. I am learning that I have to be my own hero. Love myself the way that I am and improvement will come with self love. Lesson: The love doesn't come after you have become more....you become more because you love yourself and want to become more.

The more isn't always the more that's acceptable in our material world. It's a much bigger more.

The plants have been my teacher. I am in awe of the lovely dandelion who grows high and proud in the cracks of a sidewalk or the beautiful blue chicory who grows in the pile of stones next to the trash behind a mall. They shine and bloom where they are planted.

It has taken me years to start this journey of self love. Nature has been calling out to me for so long. 🍃🌿🙏🌿🍃

The lessons of love are simple. I share with you my journey. Thank you for going along for the ride. Love ya, jonnie dee

Jun. 12, 2019

Just one pedal left...
You love me?
You love me not?
The answer....you decide 
However...my answer for you...
Do I know you? How can I say that I love you? 
Have you hurt me? Would you return my smile should we meet on the street? 
Would my car, my clothes, my hairstyle or body size be good enough? 
My answer is simple...
We are all connected on a spiritual level. The energy of our Maker flows through us, each of us special. We often forget. Our judgments of ourselves can often show themselves in our judgments of others. 
I send you love, healing energy and forgiveness, should you need it.
Yes, my last petal answer for loving you was...yes...I love you.
Please forgive my mushy post today. I took this picture yesterday and it made me think of love and acceptance. 
Be well, my friends, love, jonnie dee
Let's make this world a better place one smile at a time

May. 8, 2019

Spring bounty, Spring beauties, Spring foraging....

this basket full of loveliness has the potential for many projects....but...I just hope that it brings a smile your face, as it does mine.

This is one of my favorite herb collecting baskets.
Be well, and may your heart be grateful and full of joy,

jonnie dee

Apr. 9, 2019
On this chilly spring morning I let the glorious sun kiss my face as I gaze upon the softest green buds of my lilac bushes doing the same. My senses awaken to a melody of sounds that caress me. Feet bare, I feel the cool earth beneath me. A symphony of birds rejoice...such jubilation! A soft hoo hoo coo of another bird preludes a train whistle in the distance.This bothers me not. For I bask, yes bask in an appreciative glow that reaches my soul. A dog barks and I smile, expressing gratitude for these simple pleasures. Why you may ask? Gratitude... Yes...

I'm reflective with a perspective..

In the last week I have spent days in a hospital and in a nursing home/rehabilitation center with my mother.

I make no judgments...I will just say that I see a lack of joy, hope or promise in the faces of many...

I know that the people do the best that can....maybe I just need to look a little bit closer...or take some wild flowers this spring and pass them around...#tsht

For now...I look into their eyes and smile...smile with my eyes...eye to eye, reaching their soul....hoping to touch a place within them to know that they matter...

Thoughts for the day....

Be well, my friends, love, jonnie dee
#tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday