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Nov. 26, 2019

~Saying Grace....Not just a prayer~ I LoVe the word "Grace"....It is 2 days before Thanksgiving and I have decided to write about "Grace".....Most of us think of "saying grace" as a thankful prayer for our food....That is so....although....In my opinion....saying grace means so much more.....When offering grace or thanks and gratitude.....it opens us up to allowing more....It is a HUGE word.....chuck full of hope and promise....The definitions are as follows....an ease of movement.... to honor someone with their presence....to give mercy or pardon...an act of kindness....a prayer of thanks....to be in someone's approval or favor.....also...a virtue from God......

Thursday is Thanksgiving...My thoughts?....Let everyday be a "saying Grace" day....may you thank God for your life and abundance....may you give mercy or pardon to someone everyday....may you give acts of kindness....may you give and get approval and favor.....may family and friends feel HaPpY when you "grace" them with your presence....may you have ease of movement....may you share your virtues from God and live a virtuous life....These are my thoughts for today....I wish you "Grace" and all that it has to offer~tsht....be well....jonnie dee
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! A lovely reshare of mine.

Nov. 15, 2019

Some days you just have to "grin and bear it" and possibly hang out with the good company of family and friends.
Some days are diamonds and some days are stones.
One of my sons asked me how I get through tough times. I shared my thoughts...and one of my answers was that I take small little things in life that bring me joy and I try to do some of them when my day is rough.
Humor certainly helps and picture taking in a field of wild herbs is one of my joys.
"Grin and bear it" is an old time saying. One of the definitions is...to endure and grin broadly in an unpleasant situation without complaining.
Gratitude also helps me too. This friendly furry friend is adorable and his grin makes me smile.
Have a great day, my friends and I hope that you have no situations today in which you have to "grin and bear it". Love, jonnie dee #herbalrealestateagent #tsht

Nov. 7, 2019
Everyone leaves a footprint or impact upon our world. What impact will you have? 👣 I hope to leave a legacy of love, forgiveness, understanding, quiet strength, faith, wisdom and a love for the herbs and plants that abound and surround.☯️ 
The longer my days upon this earth, the more I awaken to the awesomeness of our Creator and the amazement of connectiveness to each other. Realizing the impact that our words, thoughts and actions have upon each other, the earth, the plants and even the water. I weep with gratitude, to my awakenings of the simplicity and complexity of this connectiveness.
I pray for forgiveness that this has taken me so long.🙏 So, I ask again. What footprint or impact do you have upon our world. I ask myself, do I give love or judge? Do I respect the earth?🌎 Do I forgive? Such a complex, yet simple subject and I could become long winded.

My posts are usually a lesson or story I've learned, that is for myself. I share it with others, hoping that it may #tsht or that I may touch your heart today. Many of you say that was just the message you needed to hear that day. 💙

This always makes me smile and that is a good thing, because when I smile, it changes my body chemistry. It is healing, giving me good energy and love that I may share with others. Happy Wednesday. I hope that I left a little bit of an imprint upon the world today. Be well, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday 💕👣💕👣


Nov. 3, 2019
Look at 108 year old beauty. Built in 1911. A local beauty in NW Ohio and in Liberty Center. I love barns.
In 1911 homemade jams and jellies were slathered on warm homemade breads.
In 1910's, fast food was starting to make it's way on to the dinner table. Oreos, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Crisco, marshmallow fluff, Quacker fluffed rice, Birdseye, Nathan's hot dogs and more starting showing up. Information from "the David Blahg" ( 100 years of American food).
I can't help but think about all of the homemade made from scratch foods that we heartily enjoyed. The introduction of fast foods was probably a blessing in those days, however now I think it's a curse. I can only imagine that one might shake their head in dismay to see the ingredients list on a package of cupcakes now compared to the ingredients list of then.
Just saying......
A thought to ponder. Some things from days gone by are just better....
Love, jonnie dee #herbalrealestateagent
#realfood #barns #libertycenter


Nov. 1, 2019

Sometimes it's okay to let go...for then, a new seed of opportunity can grow...jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday
It can be so hard to let go. I'm a stubborn Taurus and that's my nature to hold on, even if it doesn't serve me well.

Besides being the eldest of eight, I tend to be controlling and think that I can fix everything

As I grow wiser, I realize that I can cut myself off from the good new growth that can come by not letting go.

Be well and #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday, jonnie dee
Ps. For those of you that don't know, this is the milkweed herb letting go of her seed. She's a delightful herb with many uses. I so love my milkweed blossom syrup in my tea and in my yogurt. Yum! And we can't forget the Monarch butterfly who needs the milkweed

😊😉 #herbalrealestateagent #herbalism #happynovember