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Oct. 14, 2019

Monday morning busyness. Wishing it was still Sunday. Put a few herbs in a Mason jar (some of them were still hanging on my bookcase) and pour the hot water in the jar, let it steep and pour through a strainer into a cup and enjoy.

Take a minute for yourself before you start your busy day. The magic is in the quiet moments that you get to reflect.
I've indulged myself. A toasted bagel with real butter and I've slathered my homemade milkweed blossom jelly on top.
Pure bliss.

Happy Monday, my friends, jonnie dee 

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Sep. 23, 2019

God knows how busy I can be. Business of my own making and so....he reminds me.... I find His gentle nudging and reminders of how simple life truly is. When I step into the field and focus on nature I experience a kiss from a soft breeze upon my cheek. It reminds me of the promise of new life as the seeds of my wild herbs are captured in that breeze.

My heart bursts with love and appreciation of what is available to me. Life is not always easy, there are hills and valleys.

The sun shines upon me In this quiet place. My tears flow in gratitude for the reminder of what is so precious and wondrous to me.

Dare I share all the things that make my soul smile? God, family, friends, love, hugs, candy apples, fall leaves,wind, breezes, herbs, butterflies,bees, sunsets, sunrises,meadows, trees, clouds, warm cinnamon rolls, hot coffee, herbal tea, you, good deeds, kindness, tears, flowing creeks, flowering trees, birds, smiles,dancing, eyes,smile wrinkles, winking, dogs, puppies, babies, the elderly, fresh snow, rainy days, thunderstorms, holding hands, gentle kisses, a pat on the back, music and especially the gentle reminders from my maker to remember that life is sweet and that there is magic and wonder that surrounds me and to watch for it because it is a reminder that I am loved.....

Jonnie Dee Wagner
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Sep. 14, 2019

It's fall and time for fall projects. I love to find other ways to use my herbs. Recycling and upcycling is one of my hobbies. I have taken old jars of scented candles, paraffin, cedar branches, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated oranges, lemons, limes, sweet annie, pine cones, rosemary and pumpkin spice coffee beans and have made fire starters.

I have read about some folks using the smudging herbs in fire starters for their fragrance. 


They have also claimed that some of the herbs clears or cleans the space and possibly gets rid of germs and bacteria in the air. Athough it has been sage that was the herb used for this. Add your dried sage to a few of these for the cold and flu season.


I think that this would make a lovely gift to share with a friend or make for yourself. They are good for campfires as well as for a fireplace. It was a fun project. I will make many more of these.


I have packaged these by wrapping them in brown paper and stuffing it in a brown cardboard cup holders a friend gave me. Tying a jute string and dehydrated orange peel and a tag, complete the packaging.

I hope you enjoyed the post.
Be well, jonnie dee

Aug. 29, 2019

Quiet places create sacred spaces....
In the moments before sundown, I listen to the quiet. In NW Ohio the Goldenrod is peeking out and smiling at me from the countryside meadows, creating a beautiful landscape...
Dancing with the Boneset and Queen Anne's lace. Soon the lovely purple New England Aster shall join them...making merriment for my heart...

Be well, jonnie dee. #tsht #herbalrealestateagent#joyful

Aug. 20, 2019

The sweetness is in the silence of a prayer...
The quiet moment of gratitude...
Of thankfulness...
After showing houses and on the way home I spied a magnificent field filled with butterflies and bees dancing happily in and on the blue vervain....
I had to stop, pick and photograph. My heart was happy...🌿🌿
Many alternative practitioners believe that vervain has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties beneficial to one's health. Vervain is also referred to as American blue verbena, simpler's joy, holy herb, mosquito plant, and wild hyssop.