Mar. 24, 2017


My nemesis, I am not the "free spirit" I thought I was~ Devices....good, bad or ugly? My phone stopped charging last Thursday evening. The night before the morning left to take my grandchildren for a few day get away. I was like a fish out of water, without my phone. I did use my son's phone. Although, I had no phone numbers, lockbox codes, client information, calendar events or ability to receive text messages. I thought I was oblivious or immune from the chains of technology. I find that I am not. I enjoyed the time away, however, I found that I had an invisible stress monkey on my shoulder. The stress of not having my device available for taking photos, along with the imposed stress of having no contact with clients. You can leave a voicemail message stating that the phone is broke....however, text messaging...another story there.

How many of you mainly use text messages to communicate? There is no way to let people know that you are not receiving the text messages. Many people no longer call, just text. I am sure that I have many unanswered texts from the last five days. I finally have a new phone. I can almost let out my held breath from the lack of having a phone. It came in the mail yesterday. Hopefully I am able to retrieve the 2,000+ contacts and other misc. information.

I think I shall have to work on letting go of the attachment to my device. I am curious and would like to take an opinion pole. What do you think is the acceptable amount of time in which you should respond to a text message? My phone is my life line for my real estate business, yet it is my nemesis.

I thought I was a "free spirit"...yet, I found myself not to be as "free" when I was phoneless, proving that I may be more technology dependent then I would like. So...for what it's worth, I am sharing my experience and dependency upon my phone. Any thoughts are appreciated. Be well, Jonnie Dee "tsht"