Apr. 4, 2017


What do the movies "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Shack" have in common and forgiveness?~ I shall try not to be long winded. The topic of forgiveness has been on my heart lately. Understanding forgiveness, the ability to forgive myself as well as others.

I often hear stories about siblings, family or friends going years without speaking to one another because of a lack of forgiveness. Also from people of age interviewed and with one of the common points of interest are one of regrets.

I watched the movie "The Shack" a few weeks ago and had read the books years ago. I wondered how could someone forgive a killer. I see the little red dress on the floor of the shack and the blood beside it. As I sat enjoying the wonderful movie "Beauty and the Beast", my mind went wondering for a few short moments. Tears rolled down my face as I feel and see the lesson of forgiveness in both of these movies.

As Belle asks the teapot "How can you care for him so?" She replies that herself and the other servants of the house watched the beast's cruel father mold the boy after his mother died. Her comment about how an innocent child can get molded by cruelness. The characters in the movie loved and cared for the beast and seen beyond what he was.

In the movie "The Shack", the father is taken back in time in a vision and is shown the molding of a young child by the cruelty of the killer's father. You can feel this innocent child's pain as he is abused. It is eye opening.

In both of these movies I have seen forgiveness opening the door to understanding and an awakening. The behavior is not condoned but it brings to heart an understanding. In the movie "The Shack", the father learns to forgive the killer. In the movie "Beauty and the Beast", the servants forgive themselves for not helping mold the young man. Forgiving others as well as ourselves gives a freedom. In the movie "The Shack", it allowed the father to love himself again, forgive and give himself back to the remaining wife and family that was getting destroyed by his lack of forgiveness.

Back to the regrets of the elder young at hearts...lol. They mention regrets. Regrets about not forgiving others. Regrets about not doing things that would make them more joyful. Forgiving themselves for not doing what makes them happy. It's never too late to do something. Forgive yourself, forgive others, for within that is true freedom. Make the call today, make a decision today. Love and hugs, just my thoughts for today, be well, Jonnie dee :) "tsht"