Mar. 10, 2018

School shootings, bullies and life~

Age wisdom has taught me that there is a lot of gray area in life. Not so much is life, black and white. From the time we are young, we are judged and most often judging ourselves harshly. The media definitely does not help. Bullies are sometimes created because they secretly don't like themselves. A sore subject is the amount of shootings that are happening in the schools. I have no wish to debate with anyone. Recently I've seen a post that mentioned a group of kids leaving a school protesting and pro gun control. The writer asked, where were these same kids at when the bullies pick on the kids at school? The writer believing that if they can stand up for gun control, why can't they stand up to students who berate or pick on other students.

There is a bigger problem here than just gun control. I believe this to be true. Yes, some people are born off or not quite right, but I believe that most of these people are a product of our societies making. Anger, bullies and kids killing kids can be a part of an attitude of cruelty from parents, people and classmates. My grandchildren and I discuss this topic often. Just yesterday one of my grandchildren discussed a teacher who she felt wasn't kind. He asked, in class, who received free lunches in school and then proceeded to speak about people not

working and expecting a free ride. She also mentions that he looks at a child with a handicap with distain. Now, I am getting this 3rd party, but isn't the teacher's job to build up our young? My point is that I see some of this and the shootings as a "kindness and consideration" problem. I almost didn't want to write this because I don't wish to debate the gun control issue, nor is it my intent to take blame away from an angry killer. I just wish to make people realize that all of us are responsible and can play a part in making our world a better place. 

I have had many years of feeling like I was not worthy. I am not sure of when I started to endure less and enjoy more. Allowing myself a little self love and embracing what I have to offer. I realized that I remember most of the best gifts and qualities of a family member or friend who has passed, therefore, I believe most of the same shall happen when I pass. I give myself permission to continue my journey of being the best version of way.

Be well, and forgive my long windedness,

jonnie dee