Jul. 8, 2018

I Am Beautiful

Self love can be a challenge! The "Queen" is#teaching me self love & that I am beautiful. I shudder when I am out in the field taking a close up picture of one of herbs, only to notice that I have taken a selfie of myself.

I don't often take pictures of myself because I often harshly judge my flaws. Taking the accidental selfies and herbs are helping me on the whole "self love" issue. 
Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful. She is not one of the fancy flowers, but beautiful in the most simplistic of ways. She is often in a bouquet for a wedding...how cool is that for the field weed to grace the brides bouqet?
I see beauty in each one in each of her stages. I am working on seeing my beauty at all stages of life.
Unkept hair, no makeup and unpolished nails. I think I still have the childhood stigma of when I was a red haired, freckled face tomboy and the boys asked for my friend's phone numbers. Well anyway, back to the post at hand. Herbs are helping me with self love. I share this picture with you and say that she makes a great jelly and her flowers eaten in a salad. Her fruit can spice up Rum...that's new to me today. See, the Queen, like me, has qualities that are not always known to all. 
Be well, my friends and thank you for indulging me, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday