Jun. 12, 2019

Love Me Not

Just one pedal left...
You love me?
You love me not?
The answer....you decide 
However...my answer for you...
Do I know you? How can I say that I love you? 
Have you hurt me? Would you return my smile should we meet on the street? 
Would my car, my clothes, my hairstyle or body size be good enough? 
My answer is simple...
We are all connected on a spiritual level. The energy of our Maker flows through us, each of us special. We often forget. Our judgments of ourselves can often show themselves in our judgments of others. 
I send you love, healing energy and forgiveness, should you need it.
Yes, my last petal answer for loving you was...yes...I love you.
Please forgive my mushy post today. I took this picture yesterday and it made me think of love and acceptance. 
Be well, my friends, love, jonnie dee
Let's make this world a better place one smile at a time