Jun. 14, 2019

Be A Star

Be your own star. You don't have to be perfect. I am learning that I have to be my own hero. Love myself the way that I am and improvement will come with self love. Lesson: The love doesn't come after you have become more....you become more because you love yourself and want to become more.

The more isn't always the more that's acceptable in our material world. It's a much bigger more.

The plants have been my teacher. I am in awe of the lovely dandelion who grows high and proud in the cracks of a sidewalk or the beautiful blue chicory who grows in the pile of stones next to the trash behind a mall. They shine and bloom where they are planted.

It has taken me years to start this journey of self love. Nature has been calling out to me for so long. 🍃🌿🙏🌿🍃

The lessons of love are simple. I share with you my journey. Thank you for going along for the ride. Love ya, jonnie dee