Jun. 16, 2019

Self Love

I share with you the lesson of holding sacred, a moment for yourself. If I have to choose between a chore, work or making myself a juice, I almost always choose to do everything else before taking care of me.

Most of my writings and lessons are messages to myself.

Today, I take the moment to shed my shoes and feel the cool earth beneath my feet. I rejoice in the knowledge that I can connect with the earth's healing magnetism. It is free and I often forget about it. This invisible force also aids in navigation for birds and so much more.

Another way to connect with the earth is with an interaction with the plants. I have a small handful of herbs that I have picked while walking around my yard. I used it to make a green juice.

Herbalism doesn't have to be complicated. Start by taking one or two of the wild weeds that grow within your space. Learn what values they offer, either fresh and dried. How to cook with them. How to juice them or make tea with them. How to make an ointment or salve. Powder them and put them in capsules.

Self love will keep me on the path to using my herbs everyday. Using them to keep me healthy and heal when needed. Plantain is a great herb to start with. It grows about everywhere.

My resounding message for me today is to take the time for myself. Life is busy, So I need to keep it simple and be consistent. Messages to myself, love, jonnie dee