Jun. 16, 2019

Everyone is a Little Broken Inside

Good News! We are all a little bit broken inside...
but that is how the light gets inside...
We often beat ourselves up for not being perfect.
Being perfect is way overrated.
Most people that I see that are perfect are but a shell covering their secret self.
Don't be afraid to be vulnerable or imperfect.
It is where the really good life lessons come into play.
They can teach and humble us to become a better person.
I've learned to let go of so many judgments.
Here pictured, is the dandelion. A perfect example. So many people hate the dandelion. If you really studied her you would come to realize that she is a gift from God.
So many health benefits from her head to toe..lol.
Or blossom to the root. She is a very forgiving plant. She is sprayed with toxic chemicals that can harm our bodies and she would do her very best to repair the damage the chemicals have caused us. Now that is love and forgiveness. A perfect example of how being broken can let the light in.
People are starting to sue a large chemical company for the cancer causing chemicals.
I won't rant. I just say that I love the wild healing plants that God has so freely given us and that we have forgotten.
I thank my friend @humblebeeandco
for the light quote. It was the motivation for this post.
Be well, love, jonnie dee