Jun. 23, 2019

Just Do It!

Messages...Just do it...
Don't be afraid to do it. Be the first one to rise above. Someone always has to be the first one to do it and then the rest will follow. 

Why not you? Why not me? We don't want to be the one to stand out from the others. 

Often easier said than done...however this message came to me from the Hens and chicks herbs to just do it and don't be afraid to stand out. 

The Hens and Chickens Herb can be use similarly to the aloe plant. 

I can think of many things in my life that I chose to do which made me stand out and apart from the norm. I would tell my children "Mark my words kids, in 10 years this will be the norm and you know that your momma was right." Usually it was in the health field, but sometimes it was my fashion statement. 😝😁😜 
Be well, and be adventurous and stand out, jonnie dee