Jul. 14, 2019

Sign of the Times

Grandma, what is a computer mouse?

I watched my granddaughter about to fill my tires with air, I said "Oh no I don't have any quarters." 

She said, "don't worry about it grandma we can just use the card."

It made me think of years gone by and how our world was like when I was her age. I asked her if she could think of any really cool inventions. She shrugged and said she couldn't think of anything. It's common place to her so she doesn't appreciate the advances. 

I told her to imagine herself in 45 years and her grandchild asks her what was a computer mouse used for in the old days. Sharing with her that, myself at her age had to stay in one place to use the phone and that our only address was where we lived; we had no email address.

She just did not understand the concept of not having a phone access all the time or not being able to watch whatever you want, or understand that we listened to music on cassette tapes, store cashiers had to punch in every price manually, and that my TV turned off at midnight and came back on at 6:00 a.m.

So if we didn't have quarters we wouldn't get air in our tires, and we took pictures and had to have them developed, always hopeful that they weren't blurry or that we cut off someone's head.

I was, just for a moment, thrilled to not have to rummage for quarters, while taking a moment to enjoy the new and reminisce about the old. Life is always taking the good with the bad and making the best of both.

I noticed this pile of metal and old signs. Signs of the times as I see the new power transmission towers going through Liberty Center. 

Just wanted to share a thought ot two with you, be well, jonnie dee
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