Nov. 7, 2019


Everyone leaves a footprint or impact upon our world. What impact will you have? 👣 I hope to leave a legacy of love, forgiveness, understanding, quiet strength, faith, wisdom and a love for the herbs and plants that abound and surround.☯️ 
The longer my days upon this earth, the more I awaken to the awesomeness of our Creator and the amazement of connectiveness to each other. Realizing the impact that our words, thoughts and actions have upon each other, the earth, the plants and even the water. I weep with gratitude, to my awakenings of the simplicity and complexity of this connectiveness.
I pray for forgiveness that this has taken me so long.🙏 So, I ask again. What footprint or impact do you have upon our world. I ask myself, do I give love or judge? Do I respect the earth?🌎 Do I forgive? Such a complex, yet simple subject and I could become long winded.

My posts are usually a lesson or story I've learned, that is for myself. I share it with others, hoping that it may #tsht or that I may touch your heart today. Many of you say that was just the message you needed to hear that day. 💙

This always makes me smile and that is a good thing, because when I smile, it changes my body chemistry. It is healing, giving me good energy and love that I may share with others. Happy Wednesday. I hope that I left a little bit of an imprint upon the world today. Be well, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday 💕👣💕👣