Dec. 13, 2019

Signs From the Heavens

A beautiful picture worth a repeat. I look at this capture and see an angel and an elephant.
 This picture was taken in Delta, Ohio on a chilly autumn day at a dilapidated country house that I had listed.
The sun peaked between the clouds and I snapped the shot.
I often see signs and messages in my everyday life.
I don't remember the needed message for that day...but I'm sure that it was to tell me that Angel's are everywhere and God's grace continually allows me to see the magic in the mundane or simple things in life.
Before I sold this property it offered me many gifts.
So many pictures! An abundance and variety of evergreens boughs for our country Christmas gift sale, Gingko Biloba herbal leaves for tea and other wildcrafted herbs, and lastly was a stack of vintage wooden greenhouse plant trays.
I so loved the uniqueness of this once blooming productive farm and greenhouse, complete with an outhouse, old buildings and interesting foliage. My heart melts for the treasures of days gone by.
I hope that you enjoy this picture and that it reminds you to look for the messages that appear.
Be well, and may the angels protect you, love, jonnie dee #touchsomeoneshearttoday #herbalrealestateagent