Jun. 4, 2020

Having A Hole in Your Heart

Don't let a hole in your  break the circle of love...
In our nation, there is a hole in our hearts.

The pain of recent events have caused much unrest, anger and pain. A hole in our hearts can break the circle of love, acceptance, growth and unity that everyone should strive for.

This circle is often lopsided and in need of mending, however, If we allow the circle and chain to be broken it can cause major loss and hardship for all. Life is challenging enough for many.
I am old enough to have seen what pain, death, suicides, life long judgments, insecurities, abuse, neglect and more have caused to the human spirit. It comes to all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicity, race, gender, religion and more. 

We have to start at home with our little boys and our little girls, showing them equality within the family. The little ones watch what we say and how we act. Returning to the simplicity of core values and fairness may start mending our core values of love. 
I have 95 nieces and nephews and I've seen it even within my own family. I often tell my daughter that when she speaks to her child a certain way, they are going to think that is an acceptable way for everyone to speak to them.🏘
Racism, anger, prejudices and judgments start at home. Being fair and loving doesn't end at the church steps or at our doorway. These values need to be taught and practiced in and out of our homes. It saddens me to see the unraveling and injustice of our culture. I have experienced judgments myself from others. I have been judged because I was white, a female and overweight. I know that I can't change the world, but I hope to make a difference by mending the hole in my heart and keeping the circle of love as strong as I can, being a good example, even though I too have a hole in my heart and it may be a bit tattered as well. #touchsomeoneshearttoday
Ps. I make no judgments of you, I am just sharing thoughts and my view. be well, jonnie dee #herbalrealestateagent #loveoneanother #circleoflove #holeinmyheart