Mar. 18, 2022

A Cup of Tea

Just a thought and possibly true. That the first time the pesticides are washed off your tea leaves inside the commercial tea bag is when you immerse them into your favorite cup filled with hot water. Also in commercial tea bags, there is a chemical called Epichlorohydrin and it is a potential carcinogen and reproductive toxin.
It's fun and uplifting to learn how to use your own harvested herbs for teas.
The weeds in your back yard are only herbal friends that you have not met yet. So often they offer much more health giving properties than you would ever know. It is my goal to teach and share with you the goodness that surrounds you. Our world is full of chemicals and pesticides. You can lighten the load on your body, liver and kidneys of having extra chemicals to detox by harvesting your own or buying organic if you can.
I have also not covered irradiated herbs. They are irradiated to destroy insects, bacteria and organisms. Although it is thought that irradiation can damage the vitamins, enzymes, and cause damage to the food/herb by breaking the molecules and creating free radicals. Then it can combine with existing chemicals and pesticides to create new chemicals. Can we assume this is safe?
Some of this information on the irradiation I have found on the organic site about what's wrong with food irradiation. I do use an occasional tea bag myself, however I prefer not too.
Be well, my tea loving friends, jonnie dee #tsht