May. 1, 2022

Living While You're Dying

This is a lovely lesson and reminder that came to me this weekend.
He smiled at me as he was sharing his story.
I noticed the "I have smiled alot" smile wrinkle lines around his eyes. He had a strong peace about him, sharing that the doctor's dire forecast had dented his armour but for a short time. He said either way, whether I live or die, I know where I'm going.
Emotions were simmering inside me, I was joyfully envious.
That morning I was overwhelmed with my woes. My back hurt, I lost my keys, I was late for my craft show, it was going to rain, I was cold, my grandgirls were trying to get me to adopt a dog there, which tearily reminded me that my best furry friend died last week and so much more life stuff that clouded my mind.
The strength and faith, these two friends shared, was just what I needed to hear on that cold windy morning.
I won't say who you are, but I thank you for stopping at my booth and sharing your story. It has touched my heart. #tsht
I wish you well and I wanted you to know the imprint you left upon me. I thank you.
We are surrounded by courage and kindness, yet often we overlook it because of the craziness and uncertainty going on in our world today.
I also have a friend, who has a sick husband and he recently told her that he would not die until she gets herself a house. That also touched my heart.
In a me me world, these stories touche me.
I thank God for these lessons. I needed to hear them. I am grateful. I hope these words touch your heart today. Be well, my friends, much love, jonnie dee #tsht #touchsomeoneshearttoday