Comments by Mike Childers

Sep. 20, 2019

Some trivia about Cuba...

Lovers of Monopoly in Cuba… Do not pass “GO.” Do not collect $200. Upon taking power in 1959, Fidel Castro banned the board game “Monopoly” and decreed that every set be destroyed.

Apparently, the game had a strong following in Cuba but he perceived it as the pure embodiment of capitalism. Parker Brothers was unable to estimate how many games were sold to Cuba at the time of the incident. The fact that the Cuban government heavily sanctions its citizens unfortunately isn’t news. Until 2008, Cubans weren’t even allowed to own a computer.

Mar. 20, 2019

The Democrat presidential hopefuls are coming out with their pop guns roaring with both barrels. However, they are attempting to rationalize their irrational policies by saying they want to start a "national conversation".

Seriously?? A conversation implies input from differing opinions. Since when has a Democrat EVER conceded to that idea??

They are spewing the idea that the Electoral College has to go in favor of strictly a nationwide popular vote. Wait a minute, if you get rid of the Electoral College, then all the States would give up their voice and only California and New York would choose our President every 4 years. The Dems shut down that conversation by saying the opposition wants to suppress voters. Dumb.

The Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16. Wait a minute, they also want to raise the age to purchase tobacco and vaping apparatus to 21 because they are too young to make such decisions for themselves. Again, I am accused of suppressing voters, there by shutting down the conversation. Nonsense.

The Democrats want to raise the number of seat in the Supreme Court to 15 or more and list it up with activist liberal judges that would legislate from the Bench. Wait a minute, that would circumvent Congress and would be unconstitutional. They say that the Supreme Court decides what is Constitutional, not me. Conversation stops. Totalitarian.

The Democrats want the borders open and allow illegal the right to Social Security benefits. Wait a minute, they have no right to be here let alone draw benefits from a program to which they have not contributed. The Democrats argue that I am just a hateful racist who has no compassion. Again, shutting down the conversation. Nothing less than stupid.

The Democrats want abortion legal not only through the third trimester, but even after the infant is born alive. Wait a minute, how can that not be infantacide, down right cold blooded murder? Nope, that conversation isn't allowed either. I just want to make decisions about women's "health care" issues. This conversation must be shut down. Horrendous.

These are just a few of the discussions the Democrats refuse to discuss if the thoughts are different from their own. The Democrat Party has no room for a "national conversation" about anything. Their sole desire is for power, and that power is over every aspect of our lives.

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. Let's not throw it all away by voting for socialist Democrats. Freedom isn't free. With freedom comes responsibility. The Democrats will attempt to supersede all your responsibilities and let the government take over. They will also attempt to shut down any opposition to their point of view.

Don't allow it.

~Brother Mike

Feb. 14, 2019

"The Green New Deal" ... there's nothing new about it. The supporters claim it is to keep the world from becoming uninhabitable in 12 years. Gimme a break! It's about government control of EVERYTHING in your life, and guess who would be holding the reins of this unlimited government control. Yes, the new Socialist Party a/k/a the current Democrat Party.

Utopian dreams of rainbows, unicorns, and a carefree life. Utter hogwash! Do you like to take a leisurely drive to view the autumn foliage? Forget about it, public transportation is the only acceptable means of transportation. Do you enjoy a nice juicy steak on occasion? Nope, meat becomes obsolete due to the flatulence of the cattle. Do you enjoy the radiance of your fireplace on a cold, snowy day? That's a no go, carbon footprint.

Do you endeavor to improve your skills in order to increase your income? What's the point? The government would only allow you to keep so much of it. If you make "too much", obviously you cheated someone out of it. The government guarantees income whether you work or not, so why work? The money has to come from somewhere, so let the suckers who work get their paychecks confiscated.

The government will mandate that your home be retrofitted with a solar water heater, home heating unit, and forget about air conditioning ... how extravagant to think that way!

The Democrats have lost their collective minds. Venezuela has about a 10,000 % inflation rate from printing money to pay their bills. The problem with that is their money is worthless. The citizens are starving and have taken to eating the zoo animals. Socialism.

President Trump vowed that America would NEVER become a Socialist nation during his STOTU address. I thank God he holds the reins of this country during this time in American history. Can you imagine what it would be like if Hillary had succeeded at conniving her way to the Oval Office?!

Socialism kills ... ALWAYS. We enter in by a vote, but exit only by a gun. Why do you think the Socialist Democrats desire to confiscate all privately owned firearms? The Second Amendment is the only thing that protects us from these tyrants.

THINK before you vote and then VOTE! The Socialist Democrats are showing their hand. Take note and vote them ALL out, federally and locally. Their only interests are their own, NEVER yours. The Constitution was written in such a way that it is clear that the government is to work for us, we are not to be mandated to work for the government.

Socialism is for all the people to work for "the common good", so what's so "good" about it?


~Brother Mike

Feb. 5, 2019

For some reason I always seem to go to Sam's Club on the Saturday before Superbowl Sunday. Maybe it's for entertainment purposes. It's usually crowded like the Saturday before Mother's Day. The chicken wing section looked like a tornado had gone through.

I spotted a Kitchenaid teakettle that had been discounted by $15. Hmmm... believe it or not, I have never owned one. Into the buggy it went.

Sunday morning, I opened up the box, took out the teakettle, rinsed it out, filled it and put it on the stove. It's just me, so I have gone to instant coffee so the kettle should work out fine.

As I was breaking down the box to throw in the trash, I saw a booklet in the box. What's this? An instruction manual ... for a teakettle. 36 pages...for a teakettle. I remember as a small child, my grandmother had a teakettle. Without much pondering or questioning, I understood perfectly how it worked pretty quickly.

It's a teakettle! Probably the simplest, most self-explanatory things in any kitchen. And it comes with a 36 page instruction manual.

Is it just me, or is this overkill?


~Brother Mike

Feb. 1, 2019

Sarah Sanders made a statement on CBN that drew the wrath of the Democrats. They lambasted her, ridiculed her, and pointed out the perceived sins of President Trump.

Here is her quote: "I think that he [God] wanted Donald Trump to become president," Sanders said.

I do not disagree with her. But here is the truth of the matter, Sarah, I, and millions of others are people of faith. Obviously the lambasters are not.

Point one: To those who choose to point out the sins of others, let me give you a quote from Jesus Christ: "...He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..." I don't believe the lambasters fall into that catagory.

Point two: Read Sarah's quote again. She stated what she THINKS. Therein lies a quirk with the Democrats. No one is allowed to THINK differently than they do. No new ideas. No different perspectives. Everyone MUST think the same as the Democrat Party, or you must be mentally challenged, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable, ad nauseum.

Individual thought is not allowed in the Democrat Party. The desire to be successful in the greatest country in the world is not permissible. Speaking out to save the unborn from a horrible death is not to be tolerated. To point out the idiocy of allowing open borders labels us as racist. Our outrage about the slaughter of Christians at the hands of KUklafRAN followers is considered islamophobic.

If one of these Democrats had the ability to reason within themselves, they would present the question that begs to be answered: "Do you think God wanted Barack Obama to be president?" The answer would bewilder them. "Yes".

Every President we have ever had has been ordained of God for that period of time.

People of faith understand this.

Democrats have no clue. Why? They are not allowed to think for themselves.

Submitted for your consideration. If you are capable of gathering information and rationally analyze what is before you, you will be on your way to becoming something other than a Democrat zombie: "Thoughtful".

~Brother Mike