May. 20, 2017

Left Over Pizza

Leftover pizza...

I recall on Family Feud years ago, that pizza was the #1 answer for a leftover that is good for breakfast. Experiencing the delicacy firsthand, I can understand the result of the poll.

Last Sunday morning as I was about to leave the fire station, one of the firefighters was enjoying a slice. I mentioned that one of the things I like to do is rake the pizza toppings into an omelet. Exquisite!

The guys looked at each other as if that idea had never dawned in them, which it hadn't. The nods of approval and comments of having to try that next time, left me with the feeling I had improved their scope of delectable cuisine.

Sometimes, the chaplain has some pretty good input. 

Have a Blessed day ... and enjoy the omelet!

~Brother Mike