Dec. 5, 2018

WH Red Christmas Tree

I saw this under one of my friend's array of photos of the White House Christmas decorations:

"Red trees are significant to the early Christian church. In eastern Europe, the church would dye the trees red to symbolize the blood of Jesus & the resurrection."

— Bloggers on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 in a meme

Politifact came up with this gem....

No, red trees don't symbolize blood of Jesus and the resurrection

Now, if they had said the practice wasn't from the early Christian Church and left it at that, I would have said, "OK" and continued scrolling. But that isn't what they said. They said, " No, red trees don't symbolize blood of Jesus and the resurrection."

Doofi! (Plural of doofus). SYMBOLISM only means something to the one that understands the symbolism. If red Christmas trees cause me to think of the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ, then guess what, it does indeed symbolize His blood and resurrection.

Maybe I'm being picky, but these "fact check" outfits should double check their own work.

If a red dyed Christmas tree brings you into remembrance of Jesus and His resurrection, all I can say is, "Merry Christmas and enjoy the splendor of His enormous Gift!" ...and YES, it is a symbol!

~Brother Mike