Feb. 1, 2019

President Trump

Sarah Sanders made a statement on CBN that drew the wrath of the Democrats. They lambasted her, ridiculed her, and pointed out the perceived sins of President Trump.

Here is her quote: "I think that he [God] wanted Donald Trump to become president," Sanders said.

I do not disagree with her. But here is the truth of the matter, Sarah, I, and millions of others are people of faith. Obviously the lambasters are not.

Point one: To those who choose to point out the sins of others, let me give you a quote from Jesus Christ: "...He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..." I don't believe the lambasters fall into that catagory.

Point two: Read Sarah's quote again. She stated what she THINKS. Therein lies a quirk with the Democrats. No one is allowed to THINK differently than they do. No new ideas. No different perspectives. Everyone MUST think the same as the Democrat Party, or you must be mentally challenged, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable, ad nauseum.

Individual thought is not allowed in the Democrat Party. The desire to be successful in the greatest country in the world is not permissible. Speaking out to save the unborn from a horrible death is not to be tolerated. To point out the idiocy of allowing open borders labels us as racist. Our outrage about the slaughter of Christians at the hands of KUklafRAN followers is considered islamophobic.

If one of these Democrats had the ability to reason within themselves, they would present the question that begs to be answered: "Do you think God wanted Barack Obama to be president?" The answer would bewilder them. "Yes".

Every President we have ever had has been ordained of God for that period of time.

People of faith understand this.

Democrats have no clue. Why? They are not allowed to think for themselves.

Submitted for your consideration. If you are capable of gathering information and rationally analyze what is before you, you will be on your way to becoming something other than a Democrat zombie: "Thoughtful".

~Brother Mike