Feb. 8, 2020

They're Still Not Listening

"They're not listening, they're not listening still,

Perhaps they never will."

~Don McLean "Vincent"

That is one of the primary reasons the MSM make irresponsible, erroneous reports about President Trump. They just don't listen.

According to the MSM, President Trump made some horrible and incendiary comments about Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney at the prayer breakfast. Did he? If you think he did, you weren't listening either, or you have bought into the media's distortions.

First of all, he mentioned no one's name. That would make it an assumption he was was speaking of Pelosi and Romney. Never assume when reporting the news.

Secondly, what did he say that wasn't reported?
President Trump stated he was still learning and trying. If you are a Christian and not learning and trying as he admits he is, you have a worse humility problem than the MSM reports he has. Are you exactly like Christ? If not, then you have more learning and effort to do to get there.

The MSM are quick to quote Jesus's words: "Judge not lest ye be judged..." completely ignoring the rest of the context. You know, like "cast not pearls before swine."

Thirdly, he said he didn't LIKE people who say they are praying for you when you know full well that they are not. Guess what? I don't like people who do that either. He also said he doesn't LIKE people who use their faith to hide behind while they are perpetrating evil toward you and your family. Again, I don't like people who do that either. Although he mentioned no names, the guilty dogs sure started barking. Just as the President, if you are Joe Blow from Cincinnati, Ohio and do those things, I don't like you either.

As Christians, we are to LOVE (ἀγάπη) one another. We are not required to LIKE (φιλία) anybody. Since the MSM is severely lacking in Biblical knowledge, I recommend they read "The Four Loves" by C. S. Lewis.

There is an old American Indian prayer that bears repeating:

"Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins. He who is present at a wrongdoing and does not lift a hand to prevent it, is as guilty as the wrongdoers. Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins. Listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf."

It would serve the MSM well to walk a mile in President Trump's moccasins. Since the day he and the future First Lady came down that escalator to announce his candidacy for President, he, Melania, and even his children have been under savage attack by the MSM and the Democrats 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Just a few things to consider. What if it was your family? Would you cower and say nothing? Do you want to slip on a pair of the President's moccasins?

Think about it.

~Brother Mike