Jun. 8, 2020

Minneapolis Police

The Minneapolis City Council stated that they don't know what it will look like without the police, but they have enough votes to do away with them.

If they don't know what it will look like, they are too stupid to be in a position of leadership. Rapes, looting, drug dealing, murder, kidnapping, mayhem, shoplifting, assault and battery, child abuse, wife beating, burglary, home invasion, disregard of all traffic laws, name it...it will all go through the roof!

Minneapolis, if you don't have firearms, buy some. If you do have firearms, buy more bullets and shotgun shells. You have a Constitutional Right to defend yourself and property. You pay taxes so your local and federal governments will defend you against these crimes. If they refuse to do it, you will have to do it yourself.

God help us all!

~Brother Mike