Aug. 22, 2020

Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes

I just got a call from "Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes" informing me that I had won $4.5 million and a new Mercedes. The guy identified himself as John Goodman and had me call him back to "legitimize" he was so.

He had me write down all this information that I was to repeat back to him. It sounded somewhat legitimate until he got to the part where the IRS would need $219.67 for taxes on the first installment of my prize. He also gave me a "check number" which was supposed to be the number of the award check.

Scam red flags and sirens started going off in my mind. My "gut instincts" started screaming, "NO!!!"

He never asked or mentioned my name to this point. The only way he could get it would be if I told him. The whole thing was going to be recorded. With my spider senses tingling, I informed him I was retired and set for life and I don't need the $4.5 million.

He asked me if there was a charity I would like to donate my winnings to. I told them Saint Jude's Hospital and we ended the call.

If it was legitimate, I'm still happy without $4.5 million and Saint Jude's will be tickled to death to receive it.

After the phone call I double checked the phone number... it was Jamaica. Out of country so there would be no course of action against them. Greed will suck you into a scam like this. Don't fall for it.

~Brother Mike