Sep. 2, 2020

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!


I'm not talking about the riots. I'm talking about the two major political parties. Who is doing the shaking? None other than President Donald J Trump...and they don't even realize it.

Look at the Democrats. Is there any resemblance to John F Kennedy? The President has forced them out from behind their facade and have shown themselves as they truly are: communist, hate filled, baby killing racists. They admit it simply for the fact that President Trump is against all those things. There is no argument they are the "liberal progressive" party.

What about the Republican Party? I was a dues paying member of the Republican Party. I dropped out and quit paying dues during the George W Bush administration. I figured if they were going to act like Democrats, why not just go ahead and vote for the Democrats? I would vote for who was the most conservative, no matter the Party. Which still meant it would be cold day in hell when I would vote for a Democrat.

Then along came Donald J Trump. The Republicans bill themselves as Conservative, yet "reach across the aisle" and work with Democrats. The Democrats have refused to compromise their ideals for decades. If there was to be any compromise, it had to come from the Republicans. How do you ever compromise to communism, hate, baby killing and racism?

President Trump, in all reality, is neither Democrat or Republican. He is a Pragmatic Populist. He is a Pragmatist in that when he identifies a problem he will go through the flames of hell to fix it if necessary. But what of Populism? Is that good for America? Exactly what is Populism?

The dictionary defines Populism as a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups. That sounds like me, how about you?

Never mind what the polls or the MSM tell you, the majority of Americans are Conservative whether they admit it or not. Freedom, marriage between a man and a woman, patriotism, judging a person by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin (MLK), respect for Old Glory and America the Flag represents, and faith in God with the freedom to worship Him are all fundamentals of conservatism.

President Trump is the "Changer-in-chief". The Democrat Party is done. They are the Communist or Socialist Party. The Republican Party is now the Populist Party. We are just waiting for them to change their names.

Ivanka Trump once said when asked about her father's brash personality said, "My father is an equal opportunity offender." He doesn't care about people's dainty, snowflake feelings if they are standing in the way of what is beneficial to America.

President Trump is doing what is right for America. He is not seeking approval of everyone like Presidents Clinton and Obama. He is seeking to undo the damage that has been done before his arrival in the White House and to...


~Brother Mike